Boxing Cobra

The Boxing Cobra Punching Bag Kit for Everyone!

G'day, my name is Reedy Kewlus! I've been making videos on Youtube ( on how to make your own fighter training equipment, such as punching bags, reflex bags and spar bars. This came about because I didn't want to pay for overpriced gear that I could easily make myself - and make it better than the commercial stuff.

I've been at it for over 10 years now, sharing my DIY ideas with everyone. However not everyone has the knack or the patience for DIY so I decided to make a Boxing Cobra Punching Bag Kit that is low cost and that everyone could easily put together and enjoy.

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Key Features

  • Fast, faster and lightning fast! Yep, not only will the Kewlus Boxing Cobra be fast, but you will also be able to increase the speed to really test your reflexes. I also intend to have different optional grades of fibreglass masts to suit different fighter training levels, from beginners who are just learning the technique to expert fighters who need to improve their speed and reflexes.

  • Modular! I designed it to be composed of modules that you will be able to swap and change to suit your training. Both the fibreglass mast and the targets will be modular. From a light-weight speed bag for practicing jabs and fast combos, to a mid-weight setup for practicing hooks (you'll love this feature), to a heavyweight top for heavier punches and to practice uppercuts. It is quick and easy to setup (in just seconds) and take apart and put away when not in use.

  • For Adults & Kids! Designed both adults and kids of all heights. The fibreglass mast will come in 3 sections and you simply remove the bottom section for kids. Why should the adults have all the fun?

  • Super Strong & Durable! While other cobra bags will fall apart within a month, the Kewlus Boxing Cobra has been designed with durability in mind. If you have followed me on Youtube, you'll know just how many different prototypes I have made and tested over the years. I have broken many. The components in this one I have designed to withstand punishment from the heaviest hitters. I'm currently testing it in local boxing gyms to ensure superior strength and durability.


My aim with this product is to ensure everyone can afford one, not just the rich and shameless (no disrespect to you if you're rich ;-). I come from a background of DIY and trying to make everything at the lowest possible cost. Thus I have designed this product with the main aim being to keep production and freight costs to an absolute minimum so that I can pass the saving on to you.

While I don't know the total cost of production yet, I can assure you that it will be super low and totally affordable for anyone who will want one. The only challenge will be making sure everyone can get their hands on one, so make sure you put yourself on the list below so that you can be among the first!

Get Early Access & Save!

Initial number of units released is likely to be limited. The early release is also likely to be at a discount for my subs and loyal fans. If you wish to be among the first few to get early access, make sure to get on the Early Access list below.

It's Prototime!

While I desperately want to bring this Kit to you, I need to ensure that it is of good quality and can withstand your punishment. This means testing a few different prototypes to get it right - you can follow me on my Youtube channel as I go about this and keep you updated on the whole process.